Restore Your Teeth With Beautiful Porcelain Crowns And Dental Bridges In Farmington NM and Rio Rancho

Our teeth are meant to stay strong and last a lifetime. But that’s not always the case because our lifestyle and habits may sometimes take a toll on our oral health, resulting in approaching professional dental experts. Poor oral hygiene, age, unhealthy eating habits, smoking, accidents, and more are different factors that can lead to oral health problems. It starts from the build up of cavities. Eventually, causing tooth decay or cracks that require immediate professional attention. 

Our specialists understand that to protect your oral health, they may have to repair the teeth or even remove it. So at Sundance Dental & Orthodontics, your trusted oral healthcare partner, we offer restorative dentistry solutions. We understand that a repaired or missing tooth can create disruptions in your day to day functioning. To help you carry out regular activities with confidence, we provide two special treatments: porcelain crowns and dental bridges among other things.

Protect Your Teeth With Porcelain Crowns at Sundance

If you’ve suffered from extensive decay or have a severely cracked tooth, our dentists may recommend a porcelain dental crown, which usually accompany procedures like root canal. Once our dentist treats the infection, they will finish the procedure by placing a crown over your natural tooth. 

A dental crown is a protective cover or cap-like structure that is placed over a natural tooth to prevent it from further damage. This crown saves your natural tooth, which may otherwise get removed. With dental crowns you can chew, speak, and smile effortlessly! 

At Sundance Dental & Orthodontics, our approach is not limited to your oral health but extends to your overall health.

Keeping your health and safety in mind, our dental crowns are made using high quality porcelain materials designed to look and feel like your natural teeth. Specially customized for you, they are crafted for great comfort and natural appearance. Depending on your condition, we recommend these porcelain teeth in our restorative and cosmetic dentistry, Farmington, NM services.

Why Choose Porcelain Dental Crowns?

At Sundance, our dentists recommend tooth-colored porcelain crowns for a range of reasons, which include the following: 

  • They restore the normal functioning of your teeth 
  • They protect and strengthen weakened teeth
  • They’re aesthetically appealing
  • They help improve the appearance of misshapen or discolored teeth
  • They are especially tailor-made for your tooth structure

Replace a Missing Tooth with Dental Bridges at Sundance

A broken smile can break your self-esteem. Sundance Dental & Orthodontics is here to your rescue. Whether you have a single or multiple missing teeth, we provide restorative solutions for all types of conditions. Our dentists can help with dental bridges and implants to bring back your lost smile and confidence. 

Dental bridges are a widely used conventional oral appliance and they include one or more porcelain crowns. In this procedure, our dentist will place a porcelain dental crown on the teeth adjacent to the gap to hold the bridge in place. A dental crown or crowns will be fixed in the gap to replace one or more missing teeth. For a stable teeth structure, our dentists might also recommend implant-based bridges. 

Why Opt for Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges is a traditional oral solution that offers multiple benefits: 

  • Replaces missing tooth or teeth
  • Prevents further tooth loss due to missing or broken tooth
  • Restores the functionality of your teeth 
  • Enhances aesthetics with tooth-like porcelain crowns 

Visit today or contact us to know more on how our skilled dentists can help you with porcelain crowns and dental bridges.