Experience A Full Smile Again With Permanent Dentures In Farmington NM and Rio Rancho

When a patient loses teeth, they can lose hope, but at Sundance Dental and Orthodontics in Farmington NM and Rio Rancho, we can restore your smile. Our denture sets allow patients who have lost all, or almost all of their teeth to smile again. With a denture set from Sundance Dental and Orthodontics, you can enjoy all of the activities that you enjoyed before you lost your teeth. We offer both full and partial denture sets. No matter what your specific needs are, we can provide a denture set that will accommodate you. We offer traditional and high-end custom dentures, as well as implant supported dentures and All-on-4.

Traditional and High-End Custom Dentures

Our traditional dentures allow patients who have lost their teeth to chew, speak, and smile again. Traditional dentures are removable, and made from high quality synthetic materials. Each high-end custom denture set is crafted specifically for each patient to achieve optimal fit. Our high-end custom dentures use the finest porcelain materials to look and feel like natural teeth. For patients who are looking for a more secure fit, we also offer implant supported dentures and All-on-4.

Implant Supported Permanent Dentures and All-on-4

Implant supported dentures and All-on-4 permanent dentures use strategically placed dental implants to secure the dentures to the gumline. Our implant supported dentures are completely removable, but don’t require any messy dental adhesive. Patients love implant supported dentures, because the denture implants give more stability and the dentures will never click or slip out of place. With All-on-4, patients can have their implant supported dentures placed in as little as one appointment. Patients can walk into our office without teeth, and leave the same day with a beautiful, full smile.To find out more about our dentures or denture implants, call us at one of our offices. We would be happy to schedule an appointment or arrange a consultation with your dentist if you are in Farmington NM, Rio Rancho NM, Bloomfield NM, or Gallup NM!