Enjoy the Benefits of Our CO2 Laser With Laser Dentistry From Sundance Dental and Orthodontics

Dental check-ups are often accompanied by fear and anxiety. Although traditional dental procedures effectively produce results, they are time-consuming and often scare people to such an extent that they postpone their appointments. 

Today, people want quick, effective, and painless dental solutions for their conditions. Over the past couple of decades, technology has redefined dental care. Advanced oral care treatments have changed people’s outlook on dental health. Advances in dental technologies have enabled dentists to provide more efficient oral care solutions to patients in the safest way possible. 

Laser dentistry is a fast, effective way to treat various dental conditions. Sundance Dental and Orthodontics wants its patients to access excellent oral care and treatment. Therefore, we invest in the latest technologies, machines, and procedures so that you can enjoy a proper, efficient and comfortable treatment.

Your search for laser dentistry near you ends at Sundance Dental and Orthodontics. We proudly offer dental laser treatment to our patients. Whether you want treatment for a severely decayed tooth or want sparkly white teeth, our dentists use advanced CO2 lasers as part of treatment so that you receive the best treatment safely and comfortably. 

Dental Laser Treatment at Sundance Dental and Orthodontics

If the thought of a scalpel and needles pushed into your mouth gives you anxiety, then we have something to relax you. Sundance Dental and Orthodontics uses the best instruments and equipment in laser dentistry for you to enjoy a painless and less invasive treatment.

Dental laser treatment uses a light beam to rectify or treat any specific oral health condition involving hard tissue, teeth, soft tissue, or gums. Unlike traditional methods, it is less painful, reduces the need for anesthesia, and minimizes blood loss. In addition, laser technology allows dentists to perform the procedure precisely, reducing dental visits and recovery time. 

Laser dentistry is used to treat various conditions, including: 

Our dental professionals are skilled and knowledgeable in performing an effective laser dental procedure. We will determine if dental laser treatment is the right choice for you.

What are the Benefits of Laser Dentistry?

  • Comfort – Dental laser treatment at Sundance Dental and Orthodontics is less painful and more comfortable for the patients. We use CO2 laser technology that puts less stress on your teeth than traditional instruments. As a result, patients report feeling relaxed and calm during the procedure.
  • Accuracy in Treatment – Laser dentistry can effectively treat soft tissues (reshaping gums). Our dentists can perform procedures with precision and accuracy without compromising on your comfort.
  • Quick Recovery With little to no discomfort and almost no bleeding, you can recover in no time. Our patients experience faster healing with a shorter recovery time. 
  • Versatility – Laser dentistry can be used in various dental procedures. By using the C02 laser, our dentists can perform gum contouring treatments and other surgeries that can improve your oral health and aesthetics.