Root Canal Therapy In Farmington NM and Rio Rancho

If you’re experiencing a severe, chronic toothache, your tooth pain could indicate an inner tooth infection. Inside every tooth there is a pulp chamber containing living connective tissue. Tiny passages in your tooth roots allow nerves to travel to and from the pulp chamber. When infection reaches the pulp chamber, it can hit these nerves. If the infection isn’t treated, it can spread to your other teeth, or even reach the bloodstream and cause serious health problems.

Sundance Dental and Orthodontics provides root canal treatment to save your tooth and prevent health issues.

Find Relief for Your Tooth Pain With Root Canal Therapy From Your Sundance Team

A root canal, Rio Rancho, or root canal therapy, relieves your tooth pain and helps protect and preserve your tooth, by removing the infected tissue and bacteria before it can do more harm. After the infection has been cleaned out, we will preserve, protect, and restore your remaining tooth structure with a porcelain dental crown at one of our offices in Farmington NM, Rio Rancho, or Bloomfield NM. Before root canals were available, when infection spread to the pulp chamber, a tooth extraction was required. With root canal, Farmington, NM, we can help patients achieve a lasting, healthy smile longer.

The Benefits of a Root Canal:

  • Root canals treatment allow us to save teeth that have become severely infected.
  • By performing root canal therapy, we can keep the bacteria that is causing the infection from spreading to the rest of your teeth. Root canal therapy allows us to protect the oral health of our patients and protect them from the harmful effects the bacteria could cause if it managed to reach the bloodstream.
  • Patients who require a root canal often experience a severe toothache that can make daily life difficult. Root canal Farmington, NM, will relieve the toothache, and allow the patient to feel comfortable again.

After your root canal, you’ll be able to enjoy a healthy, comfortable smile again. To find out more about root canal treatment, or to schedule an appointment, call us today if you are in Farmington NM, Rio Rancho NM, Bloomfield NM, Gallup NM, or Grants NM! Or, if you prefer to email, feel free to send us a message using the contact form on this page. We look forward to easing your tooth pain!