Advantages & Possible Downsides Of Wearing Dentures?

Tooth decay and tooth loss affect more than just appearance! Without healthy teeth, we cannot chew and swallow our food effectively. In addition, when left untreated for a long, tooth decay can eventually result in gum disease, which has been connected to numerous health issues all over your body. Besides, untreated tooth decay affects more than one in four (26%) individuals in the United States alone. 

But what’s the ideal solution to such a severe oral problem?

The answer’s simple: if you notice such deteriorating oral health, it might be time to consider wearing dentures! Per experts at Farmington dental care, dentures are one of the top solutions for missing teeth. But that’s not all! Besides their pros, there are several other disadvantages of this dental treatment. 

So, continue reading this article as we explore the different aspects of wearing dentures and how it affects our overall lifestyle. 

Advantages Of Wearing Dentures

Once you start wearing the dentures in Farmington, NM, they may prove advantageous in specific ways. Hence,  the advantages of dentures are listed below:

Improved Oral Health

Wearing dentures can significantly improve oral health because they replace missing teeth and remain firmly in position. This prevents the shifting of other teeth, eliminates gaps, and keeps food particles from entering these spaces where bacteria can develop.

It helps Enhance The Looks

Dentures are an attractive solution for replacing entire rows (or full mouths) of teeth. Your entire mouth looks in harmony, allowing you to grin comfortably. The existence of dentures may potentially influence your overall face. If they are missing, your face may appear sagging.

Pain Relief

Removable dentures relieve pain caused by poorly fitting crowns or bridges as they provide cushioning against the gumline while prescribing relief from other painful symptoms like clenching jaw muscles or sore gums due to loose fitting materials/tooth loss from gum disease.

Can Help Rebuild Your Self-Esteem

You’ll get a lovely, healthy-looking smile that will undoubtedly improve your life in many ways—both physically and mentally, and emotionally. You won’t have to worry about maintaining a social life. Your beautiful smile, which is full of pearly whites, perfectly captures who you are: fearless, self-assured, and capable of handling any situation.

Supports The Structure Of Your Face

When you lose your natural tooth structure due to aging or an accident, your face begins to sag as it loses support from your cheeks and jawline. However, restoring the vital support that your natural teeth initially offered, it can help you maintain your youthful appearance.

Improve Your Speech

Dentures can be a vital component of your everyday life in addition to being a cure for persons who have lost their teeth. It is challenging to pronounce words and talk correctly without pain or discomfort when you lack teeth from the front or side of your mouth. 

By fitting into any space where there are no remaining natural teeth and enabling the wearer to speak as though their teeth are still in place, dentures in Farmington, NM, will help solve this dental problem.

Low Maintenance

Dentures are extremely simple to maintain and care for. You can either clean your dentures in your mouth or outside of it. After eating, a short washing is all that is necessary. Place your dentures in a glass of water with a denture cleaner while not wearing them. To rest your gums, we at Farmington dental care advise you to do this every night.

They Are Affordable

Dentures are one of the cheapest dental treatments available. An additional benefit of dentures is that people of all ages can use them. Young people’s dentures are also available now. 

Disadvantages Of Dentures

Though dentures offer benefits in multiple ways, they are also associated with certain disadvantages.

Requires An Adjustment Period

Dentures are not all that unpleasant if you get used to them! At first, you could find it challenging to eat or talk, but this will only be a temporary problem; quite soon, your whole mouth will be used to this dental item.

Not A Long-Term Option 

Maintaining teeth and gums is essential for oral health. However, it could occasionally be pricey, especially if you want dental equipment. In addition, dentures are not permanent installations, contrary to popular belief. Instead, it must be changed every few years since your mouth evolves with time.

Reduced Ability To Taste Food

Dentures not only change your appearance, but they also radically affect how food tastes. Your taste receptors may change due to wearing dentures, making it difficult to enjoy your meals. Most people won’t notice it, so there’s often nothing to worry about.

However, for some people, using it has a more profound impact than simply altering what they eat—it impacts how food tastes.

Possibility Of Infection

Although dentures are excellent, they can lead to severe issues if they are not taken care of properly. In addition, due to the fabric, denture users may risk severe illnesses and allergies. You must get antibiotics from a dentist at Farmington dental care if you experience this issue.


Even though they need some time to get used to, dentures in Farmington, NM, are an excellent option if you are missing a tooth or suffering from other dental ailments. However, consider dentures’ pros and cons before making a final decision.

Don’t Risk Your Evergreen Smile! 

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