Cosmetic Dentistry: Your Secret To A Perfect Smile

So you’re an American who visits your dentist twice yearly as recommended? Well, that’s great. But did you know your dental professional could do more than maintain oral health? 

Modern dentistry helps amplify a person’s smile via cosmetic dentistry. These therapeutic, cosmetic operations allow you to attain a picture-perfect smile while improving your teeth’ look and regaining your mouth’s functionality. 

Cosmetic dentistry provides the opportunity to achieve a perfect smile. It is one of the most effective solutions to improve oral hygiene and overall aesthetic look. You can take charge of your smile and get the confidence boost you deserve through various cosmetic procedures such as Teeth Whitening, veneers, teeth whitening, and dental implants. In addition, with cosmetic dentistry, you can ensure that your teeth are in the perfect condition possible!

An appointment with Sundance Dental Farmington, NM, can assist in developing a treatment plan that is ideal for you, given the wide range of aesthetic alternatives available. In addition, most patients of all ages find cosmetic dentistry excellent. Continue reading this blog as we uncover more aspects of cosmetic dentistry and help you understand the different treatment processes you could opt for. Let’s check them out. 

Types Of Modern Dentistry That Could Enhance The Way You Look

  • Cosmetic Dentistry

More people are interested in cosmetic dentistry in Farmington, NM, which offers tooth whitening, straightening, and replacement procedures. Additionally, dentists have a wide range of instruments and methods for enhancing the appearance of your smile.

Before opting for it, understand the advantages, risks, and what to anticipate during any cosmetic treatment. In addition, ensure you know the cost, the experience level your dentist has to do the treatment, and whether any extra aftercare is required.

Numerous procedures fall under the umbrella of aesthetic dentistry. Here are some ways to suggest opting for cosmetic dentistry in Farmington, NM, which can make your smile more attractive.

  • Teeth Whitening

One of the most popular cosmetic dental works is teeth whitening because it can dramatically improve the appearance of your smile after only one appointment.

Even though you take proper care of your teeth, food patterns, and health behaviors over time may result in discoloration and yellowing of the teeth. While having teeth that aren’t perfectly white isn’t always dangerous for your health, it can significantly affect your confidence and self-esteem.

You can choose between an in-office whitening treatment and a take-home whitening kit for teeth whitening.

Anyone who wants to appear their best for a big occasion or wants a whiter, more wonderful smile should consider whitening their teeth.

  • Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are used to restore the strength and aesthetics of a tooth. This is frequently employed in cases where a tooth has a split or a big inlay that has damaged the tooth. Dental crowns, however, can also be used aesthetically to hide a tooth that is damaged, broken, or misshaped. 

The tooth must be shaped to fit the crown as part of the installation process. The tooth shape that must be covered could entail working up or filing down a tooth. Finally, the temporary crown is taken out, and the actual crown is bonded in its position once the permanent crown has been finished.

  • Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is similar to crowns but different as it involves complete restoration to join multiple teeth. A basic dental bridge design comprises of two-part, a pontic tooth and two abutments affixed to the neighboring teeth that rest on the top of the gum line. 

Bridges are required when a tooth is entirely missing. They are a reliable option for people who don’t want to opt for dental implants. Like dental crowns, bridges are customized for individual patients, giving you the best suitable treatment.

  • Orthodontic Treatments 

Your smile can be permanently improved and perfected with orthodontic treatment. Children and teenagers may have teeth that are unevenly spaced, crowded, or crooked, making it difficult for them to smile with a complete, even appearance. If you’re an adult, you may have always desired orthodontic treatment but couldn’t afford it. 

Like teenagers, many adults had dental work done but failed to use a retainer to keep their results, necessitating more treatment. By realigning the teeth, orthodontic therapy such as metal braces, transparent ceramic orthodontic appliances, and invisible braces helps improve your smile’s appearance and feel.

  • Dental Contouring

Dental contouring, or tooth reshaping, is another procedure that comes under cosmetic dentistry. This process involves shaving off a small portion of your tooth to enhance your smile. However, this process is only feasible if the teeth are unevenly spaced or the front of your mouth has huge teeth or little chips. 


Most people find cosmetic dentistry perfect since it offers a variety of painless treatments that can address a wide range of dental health issues. 

Consult a dentist to decide which cosmetic procedure is best for you. Your dentist can do a dental exam and design a specially tailored treatment plan, particularly for you.

Get Cosmetic Treatment That Suits Your Needs

Getting the right cosmetic treatment without proper guidance can be intimidating. However, it doesn’t have to be anymore. Our premier professionals at Sundance Dental Care of Farmington are ready to help you every step of the way. So wait no more and walk down to our office or call us at 505-326-6800.