Dental Checkup: Luxury or Necessity?

Regular dental checkups are necessary to keep up with healthy gum and teeth. Visiting a dentist every six months is considered a healthy habit. Dental checkups are not all luxury, because an unhealthy mouth is the root of all diseases. 

Prevention is the exact cure in such cases! This can be achieved by encouraging patients to brush and floss twice, have a healthy diet, use mouthwash regularly, and more. In the dental clinic, preventive measures are taken in the form of quarterly checkups and yearly dental prophylaxis. Prophylaxis is the medical term for professional cleaning of teeth. 

Here are some reasons why a dental checkup is a necessity. 

Prevent tooth damage 

The dentist can easily identify cavities even in the primitive stage. Small cavities are easily treatable. But delayed visits can aggravate the situation causing severe pain and discomfort. 

Huge cavities can lead to a root canal or, even worse, loss of teeth. This will take up the treatment process to advanced levels means expensive treatment plus increased chairside time. To save the horror, consult a dentist and book your appointment now! 

Curb plaque 

Plaque is a white sticky layer that builds up in the gum area and teeth. It is full of harmful bacteria and causes teeth discoloration, gum issues, and tooth decay. Scheduling an appointment every six months can keep your smile healthy and prevent further dental complications. Consult dentist Farmington and get expert advice to treat plaque. 

No more gum diseases 

Regular checkups help the dentist understand what your gums and teeth need. So, they take up the early sign and offer you an effective treatment to stop it. If remain untreated it can cause swelling in gums, bleeding gums, shaky teeth, gum bone loss, and even teeth loss.

Zero expensive treatment 

Identifying oral issues earlier saves a lot of money associated with advanced treatment in the long run. Regular checkups and maintaining oral hygiene eliminate the chances of developing serious dental issues. 

Brightens smile 

There are various treatments in a dental clinic in routine checkups like whitening, straightening, and brightening of your teeth. These treatments will make your teeth appear spotless and healthy like never before. 

What to expect in a six-month dental visit? 

  • Screening of oral cancer
  • Updating and analyzing past dental history
  • Blood pressure checkup
  • Thorough mouth examination to check for infections or cavities
  • Radiographic examination to see if there is an underlying issue 
  • Specialized examinations are offered to patients with braces, Invisalign, dentures, or implants
  • Professional cleaning of teeth along with polishing (oral prophylaxis) 
  • Instructions to maintain oral hygiene: The dentist will review all the screenings and suggest a cure if required. 


Dental professionals not only fix dental problems but also help in maintaining your oral health and preventing any gum issues.

Skipping a dental appointment might not seem much of a deal but oral issues are quick to progress whether you are ignoring it or not. So, do not take a chance on your health. And to seek immediate dental help, search family dentist Farmington and get a list of dental clinics near you.