Thinking of Getting Teeth Braces? Let’s Check Out Their Different Types!

Braces are your escape from the misaligned teeth. However, talking about them might make you think about the wires and metal brackets. The thought of getting braces might itself make you feel uncomfortable. It might seem like a painful venture to you. 

Whatever the case, professional orthodontists in Gallup NM, can help you create a smile you will love. The good news is that you don’t have to suffer by still getting the traditional braces. There are plenty of braces options. 

Let’s have a look at a list of all the leading braces types offered in professional centers like Sundance dental, Gallup. But before that, let us define braces for you. 

What are Braces?

Teeth braces are dental devices that help you straighten and align your teeth. There are different types of braces available in the dentistry world. The following section throws light on their types. 

Types of Braces

Braces come in a variety of forms. For example, some get placed on the front while others brace the back of teeth. In addition, different braces have different types of brace bands. For instance, they might include triangle bands or elastic bands. 

Besides, all braces’ colors are different. Some are crystal clear, like Invisalign aligners. On the other hand, traditional braces might look colorful. 

Here are the top braces kinds your dentist might recommend. 

Traditional Metal Braces

You might have seen these braces on other people’s teeth in your growing years. The traditional braces usually involve metal breakers and wires. 

These exert pressure on your teeth over an extended period and move your teeth in the desired direction. 

Interestingly, Sundance dental, Gallup uses heat-activated archwires with the traditional braces. This technology speeds up your teeth’ alignment process. In addition, it enables the natural heat in the mouth to move your teeth quicker than only traditional braces. 

Ceramic Braces

There is not much difference between ceramic and traditional braces. The only difference is that the conventional braces might use gray or silver metallic brackets. 

Ceramic braces, on the other hand, use clear or tooth-colored brackets. 

Ceramic braces will be the best choice if you want less visible braces. They are a better choice against Invisalign aligners. While it might take years for your Invisalign treatment to conclude, these braces will take less time. 

Though they have many advantages, there are some disadvantages as well. For example, wearing ceramic braces might lower your self-confidence because they are visible when you smile. 

Wearing them might even cause you slight discomfort and problems with speech. 

To get rid of its cons, you can ask your Sundance dental, Gallup, to use the wires resembling the color of your teeth. It will make the braces less obvious. 

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are the perfect choice for people who wish to align their teeth without drawing apparent attention. Though these braces have components similar to the conventional ones, they are still a better choice. 

Unlike the traditional braces, the lingual braces are the braces on the back of teeth.

Before opting for lingual braces, your orthodontist Gallup, NM, shall examine your teeth. Then, he will try to find if you are a perfect candidate for the lingual braces. 

The cost of getting these braces will depend upon your treatment’s duration. The place where you live shall also be a cost-deciding factor. They are the most expensive of all kinds of braces. 

Apart from this, you must also know the disadvantages of lingual braces. Though practical, these braces can give you a hard time. Your tongue might feel a little uncomfortable as it might touch the back of your teeth. 

Invisalign Aligners

Invisalign is the latest and the best orthodontic treatment to treat your misaligned teeth. These breezy braces are convenient to wear and do not require metal wires. Instead, these custom-made braces put your teeth in the proper position by necessary force. 

Invisalign aligners are the best way to enhance your smile. You can take these clear braces out while brushing or cleaning your teeth. 

One should wear these aligners for at least 22 hours for effective treatment. 

Invisalign aligners make your teeth beautiful without affecting your facial structure. Of course, you might experience a change in speech, but these aligners are a discreet solution for getting your teeth in order. 

Get Your Aligners Today!

It is straightforward to get your Invisalign aligners in Sundance dental, Gallup. These aligners are perfect for both teenagers and adults. 

Though loaded with benefits, the Invisalign aligners also have a flip side. Wearing them requires you to carry your aligner case everywhere you go. 

They also need additional effort for cleaning as you have to remove them and put them in a bowl of cold water. Removing the plaque and bacteria build-up from your teeth and aligners is vital to keep cavities at bay. 

We hope this information on the varieties of braces helped you know which ones to get. However, before deciding, you should visit your orthodontist and let him examine which kind of braces will assist you in reaping the desired results.