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Infant and Toddler Teeth CareThough most parents know the basics of children’s dental care, we continue to see cavities in young children here at Sundance Dental & Orthodontics in Rio Rancho and Farmington, NM.

Caring for your infant’s teeth should begin even before they come in. Parents can wash their baby’s gums with a wet washcloth after feeding to prevent bacteria growth.

Babies should never be put to bed with a bottle, no matter how tempting. The sugars in milk or juice that stay in contact with teeth for hours can damage the enamel.

When your child gets that milestone first tooth, it is time to brush. Parents should use non-fluoride toothpaste until the child is two years old. Then, use only a tiny dab. Young children often swallow toothpaste while brushing. If a child ingests too much fluoride, teeth can become stained.

When a child is old enough to brush without help, an adult must ensure they’ve done an excellent job. Many children thoroughly clean the chewing surfaces but often fail to clean the backsides and gumline. Ask us about dental sealants – an extra layer of protection against decay.

At Sundance Dental & Orthodontics in Rio Rancho and Farmington, NM, we help our youngest patients get started on the road to a lifetime of good dental health. Our services include family dentistry and restorative dentistry. Schedule an appointment for your youngster today!

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