Are You In a Dire Need of a Dental Implant? Know the Length of the Whole Implant Process

There can be instances where you lose a tooth. Be it your old age or an accident, anything that causes you to lose teeth can be disappointing. You might even feel embarrassed to open your mouth having a missing tooth. 

Losing teeth might leave you with physical pain. It might even cause mental discomfort as your appearance changes with a missing tooth. However, it is not a cause of worry because a dental implant procedure can help you. 

If you visit your dentist in Farmington, NM, they will suggest getting a dental implant as soon as possible. A missing tooth can make you prone to other dental conditions. These generally include deteriorating jaw or shifting teeth. 

You may opt for emergency dental implants, but this process does not happen within a blink of an eye.

How long does it take for your dental implant process to conclude? Let’s find out. 

  • Preparation Stage

Once you experience tooth loss, you might have to visit your dentist in Farmington, NM. The dentist will examine your tooth loss condition and decide whether the dental implant is the thing for you. 

Generally, when you lose a tooth, you will have to wait until your gums heal completely. For this, your dentist might suggest you some antibiotics.

There are also situations where a person with a missing tooth might have a very soft jawbone. In such a case, the dental implant procedure might become challenging. Consequently, you might undergo a bone grafting procedure to prepare your bone for the upcoming surgery. 

In the bone grafting procedure, the dentist takes a piece of bone from another part of your body and places it in your jaw. Your dentist in Farmington, NM, might use an artificial bone instead. Once this gets done, a patient should wait for the bone graft to heal. 

The preparation stage does not end here. After the healing of the bone graft, the dentist might examine whether you are a perfect candidate for this procedure. 

  • Duration of Treatment

We hate to say it, but emergency dental implants take a long time. In addition, the length of the treatment might vary among different patients based on their oral needs. 

People with good oral health and strong jawbone might not have to wait too long. For example, on losing teeth, they only have to wait for their gums and mouth to heal. The natural healing process takes a few days or weeks. 

The dentist will execute the process when your bone is ready for the dental implant. The dentist will first make a titanium implant in the missing tooth’s area. Let us tell you how this implant happens. 

  • Titanium Implant

After the bone grafting procedure and the healing of your jaw, it becomes ready for the implant. Your dentist in Farmington, NM, will drill a hole in your jaw to implant the titanium metal post. 

This implant will act as the root of the tooth you just lost. The titanium will bond with your jaw and serve as a base for your implant. 

After the conclusion of the titanium implant, your mouth again needs time to heal. Unfortunately, it would take several weeks and months for it to heal. In the meantime, you can consider getting a temporary denture from your dentist. It will save you the embarrassment of having a tooth gap in your smile. 

  • Adding Crown

The last step in your emergency dental implant is adding the crown. This step materializes when your mouth has fully recovered from the titanium implant. 

Now that you are all set to get the crown, your dentist will take a 3D scan of your mouth. It will let him know the exact form, size, and shape of the tooth that will match your teeth. Accordingly, he will affix a crown that will give you a natural smile. 

The Total Length Of A Dental Implant Process

The entire procedure lasts for six months. However, the duration might extend if something goes wrong or the healing takes time. Usually, you will find yourself getting a final touch of the treatment a year or so after losing a tooth. So, you should avoid rushing into the emergency dental implant procedures if you wish to get quality results. 

  • Now You Know!

Dental implants are unlike any other orthodontic treatment that you may come across! The healing cycle depends entirely on your oral health, and exceptions to the process are always there. 

Therefore, before signing up for the process, ensure that you have connected with dental experts. All the best!