Probable Reasons Behind The Bad Smell Behind Mask

It is about time that we all get used to wearing a face mask every time we leave our house. The routine of wearing a face mask comes with certain benefits, such as reducing the spread of the covid 19 virus, keeping our faces warm during the winter season, and even going out in pajamas without anybody recognizing us. 

However, there are also drawbacks to wearing a face mask at all times. We can often recognize a stink under the face mask, which we know is coming from our mouths. Having to deal with this smell for hours can be very difficult, which is why we have listed out a couple of probable reasons behind that stinky smell. 

  • Drinking Alchohol Or Coffee:

We often encounter instances where people with proper oral hygiene have to live with bad breath under the mask. This can be caused by drinking coffee or alcohol because these drinks are equipped with very strong flavors that tend to remain in our mouths even after hours of consuming the drinks. Further, alcohol and coffee can reduce the production of saliva, meaning that the bacteria in our mouths are not being washed appropriately. This can result in the smell lingering for a longer period of time. Therefore it is always recommended to rinse or brush out teeth after consuming these drinks.

  • Poor Oral Hygiene:

Poor oral hygiene is one of the top reasons behind that stinky breath under our face mask. This is because poor oral hygiene can cause the bacteria to build up in our mouth, and these bacteria release sulfur compounds that cause a foul smell. Therefore, one needs to brush and floss their teeth appropriately and even visit the dentists at Sundance Dental Care on a regular basis to keep the foul smell in check. Proper oral health is essential not just because of the foul smell, but the lingering bacteria in our mouths can lead to gum disease and tooth decay.                

  • Smoking:

As we know, cigarettes contain numerous chemicals and toxins that can adversely affect our health and even cause bad breath. Further, the odor caused by smoking cigarettes can result in dry mouth, meaning the bacteria in our mouths are not being washed appropriately. Therefore, if someone is worried about a foul smell coming from their mouth, they must immediately quit smoking and adopt better oral health practices.

  • Consuming Low-Carb Diets:

Low-carb diets can have an adverse effect on our bodies’ metabolism, meaning our bodies are not able to digest food as they should. Consuming tons of protein-rich foods can make it difficult for our digestive system to deal with an ample amount of protein. As a consequence, our bodies tend to release sulfurous gases that can further cause bad breath. Therefore, we must avoid lowering the concentration of carbs in our diets and instead focus on calorie consumption and provide our bodies with the right sets of nutrients.

Bottom Line

These are some of the primary causes of bad breath behind the mask. Hence, it is recommended that we keep these causes in mind and make efforts to do things differently. One can even seek consultation from any Gallup dental clinic for better diagnosis.