Sedation Dentistry: Your Gateway To A Painless Dental Procedure

Sitting on a dental chair in front of your dentist is a nightmare for most people. Many patients struggle with fearful and dreadful thoughts when they think of getting their teeth or mouth cleaned. This situation makes them avoid going to their dentist in Farmington. They would rather stay in pain and step into the dental clinic.

All dental patients have felt this regardless of how fearless they are. But thanks to the dental sedation technique, you will no longer have to suffer this again. The best part about this dentistry is that your dentist can use it anytime while treating your teeth.

Now, you must be thinking, ‘what is this process that could take away your pain during your dental visits?’ We would say it is no less than a miracle. Let’s understand it in the sections below! 

What Exactly is Sedation Dentistry? 

Sitting on your dental chair relaxed and letting the dentist do his job is every patient’s dream. It is what your sedation dentist helps you achieve. He uses some medications that do the task of relaxing you while he performs on your teeth with his dental equipment.

It is also known as ‘sleep dentistry’ because it removes the pain. But, it does not mean that you sleep throughout the dental process. Instead, you stay awake as it is conscious sedation. Only your tooth or mouth gets sedated, so you don’t feel the pain.

You must wonder, ‘what does sedation mean’ and how does it work. Sedation is not a complicated topic of discussion. 

What is Sedation? 

Sedation only means numbing your gums so you don’t feel uncomfortable while the dentist treats your mouth. This painless dentistry allows you to feel better while sitting on the dental chair.

You must also be thinking about ‘what is conscious sedation.’ It is nothing different from the procedure that keeps you awake while slightly sedated.

Every dental patient has varied needs. Thus, there are different types of sedation for each patient. Let us briefly look at these different sedation types. 

Different Sedation Levels 

  1. Minimal sedation: This sedation makes you feel relaxed while you are awake.
  2. Moderate or Conscious sedation: Moderate sedation would make you feel a little numb, and you might not remember the procedure.
  3. Deep Sedation: You might fall unconscious, but awakening is possible easily.
  4. General Anesthesia: Your anesthesia dentist makes you entirely unconscious to operate on your mouth.

These are the levels of sedation that your dentist might use on you. The sedation choice depends on the intensity of your operating procedure.

Besides, there are many different kinds of sedation that your dentist Farmington might choose. 

Different Types of Sedation in Dentistry

Depending on your preference, severity of the operation, and gum health, here is a description of the sedation types used in dentistry.

Minimal Sedation 

In this type of sedation, your sedation dentist will make you breathe nitrous dioxide. Then, the dentist combines it with oxygen in a mask and places it on your mouth. It is controlled sedation. This kind of sedation will allow you to be conscious and drive home safely.

Oral Sedation 

The dentist might give you oral sedation on a minimal or a moderate level. He might give you a Halcion pill to sedate you. You will feel experience drowsiness, but you will still stay awake.

IV Sedation Dentistry 

The dentist’s IV sedation will make you take the sedation drug through your veins. This sedation method also allows your dentist the control the drug in your system.

Deep Sedation 

It is the most extreme form of sedation and leaves you completely unconscious. Thus, you wake up only when the effect of anesthesia goes off. 


It is time to give up your fear of sitting on the dental chair. The dental world is not devoid of advancements. The sedation process will make it easy for you to get the treatment on the dentist’s chair.

The pain you previously felt would relieve. Also, getting your preferable dental treatment, like implants, restoration, etc., is comfortable.

Next time you have to visit the dentist, don’t avoid it. Instead, ask your dentist to use the sedation process to make your treatment go smoothly. Nowadays, you will find that sedation is a common practice in most dental clinics you visit.