Know all about whitening your teeth!

Do you have discoloured teeth due to plaque or tartar? Or do you notice some of your teeth are slightly darker than the rest? Well, a teeth whitening treatment can help fix the discolouration in your teeth by brightening the dull ones. This is either done as a standalone procedure or performed after scaling, a dental procedure used to remove impurities and tartar from your teeth. 

Fortunately, teeth whitening is not an invasive procedure, and nor is it expensive if you choose the in-home whitening treatment. You can consider getting treatment from a professional at a dental clinic for long-lasting results, but these are often costly. This post is aimed at discussing all kinds of teeth whitening treatments with detailed procedures for each and their results. Keep reading.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

This is your best bet if you are looking for the safest and most effective teeth whitening treatment. Getting the stain removed and your teeth whitened by a specialist won’t guarantee long-lasting results, but you can have peace of mind knowing that a professional is working on your teeth. The dentists will apply whitening solutions containing bleaching agents directly on the surface of your teeth

It’s performed in conjunction with a laser or light. Either way, the results are noticeable shortly after the procedure. It may take 30 minutes to an hour for a complete procedure. If required, your dentist might ask you to get your teeth cleaned before whitening for a dramatic result. That’s usually needed when your teeth have accumulated a considerable amount of plaque and tartar, and whitening alone won’t fix the level of stain. 

The dentist puts a tool on your mouth to get the best exposure and avoid the chemical reaching the gum. During the procedure, the doctor will assess the condition of your gums and mouth to ensure there are no cavities or any inflammation that can worsen from the whitening solution. It’s the most expensive option on the list but is highly effective.

Whitening Toothpaste

All toothpaste contains certain abrasives that can efficiently remove surface-level dirt. If you are looking for better results, you should get a whitening toothpaste that’s designed specifically for stain removal. These are comparatively more effective than your regular toothpaste and can quickly produce better results. It’s also the cheapest and safest way to get white and bright teeth at home. The toothpaste can range anywhere between $1 and $20, depending on the brand and the chemicals it contains. 

Ideally, you should discuss your teeth whitening goals with a dentist at Sundance Dental Gallup, New Mexico, to get the best recommendation. They will also tell you if you should use teeth-whitening toothpaste at all. If you have too many dental crowns and fillings or have undergone an invasive dental procedure, the use of toothpaste or any whitening procedure for that matter might not be suitable for you. 

Whitening Strips and Gels

Whitening gels and other in-home teeth whitening products contain carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide. That brightens your teeth by removing the stain. Doing it carefully is important to avoid getting these chemicals on your gums or other areas. The biggest benefit of in-home teeth whitening is that it’s cheaper than in-office whitening treatment. 

Coming to the downside, whitening strips do not guarantee the best results. A professional will evaluate the condition of your teeth and show you the normal colour that will match the rest of the teeth. You can choose a shade based on your preference. Regular appointments for the teeth whitening process can also help you get long-lasting results and a perfect shade.

Tray-Based Whiteners

This is another try-at-home solution for teeth whitening, involving trays that come with a bleaching teeth procedure solution. You are supposed to wear them for a specific period of time, say 2-4 weeks, every night or 24 hours a day (depending on your goals). 

These whitening trays are available at pharmacy stores, or you can get custom whitening trays from a dentist for a few additional dollars. Priced anywhere between $150 and $500, they are the best solution for discoloured teeth and are also pretty comfortable. They are custom-made to fit your teeth.

Before wearing a tray, talk to the Sundance Dental Gallup New Mexico dentists about how teeth whitening works and whether the trays are safe.

Bottom Line

These are a few effective in-home and in-office dental teeth whitening procedures that can help you get a clean and bright smile. Whichever whitening treatment method you choose, consult a dentist to understand the procedure, cost, and results. 

While in-home whitening seems the most convenient and viable way to get rid of stains, sometimes it is more sensible to consult a professional for the best treatment.