Most Common Dental Emergency Procedures

You might brush your teeth twice daily or floss and gargle with mouthwash every night. While these oral care tips can save you from many dental problems, you might still experience dental emergencies. 

Dental emergencies are uncalled for! Studies suggest that anybody can experience medical issues at any moment. However, when they do, most people know that they need urgent care in Farmington, NM, or your nearby locations.

This could occur anytime, anywhere, for several reasons. For example, the issue might worsen at night, on weekends, or when a dentist is on vacation. So it’s essential to comprehend how to deal with dental crises.

Learning about dental crises and what you should do in the case of an injury requiring immediate dental treatment is crucial. As a result, we’ll discuss a few dental problems that qualify as “dental emergencies” in this post.

Common Dental Emergencies You Might Come Across

Broken Teeth

Few things can sour delight faster than a broken tooth. Perhaps you lost a tooth through a violent tackle or slip-and-fall during a basketball game practice. You must immediately visit a dentist in Gallup, New Mexico, no matter the cause. 

If you come to the clinic as soon as possible, they might be capable of just saving the teeth and restoring your beauty.

To preserve your teeth and the roots, you should maintain the tooth that has been knocked out moist. Your jaw, whether in its original socket or wedged between your lip and gums, is the greatest location to keep a broken tooth.

If you can’t do that, put your tooth in a container with milk, water, or a dental preserver and seal it. Make sure to carefully wash out any dirt when placing it in a moist environment.

Severe Toothache

You should seek immediate medical attention if you have severe or ongoing dental pain. The intense pain could be a symptom of a more significant illness or an infection in your teeth.

The dentist in Gallup, New Mexico, advises treatment with root canals to cure the condition and preserve your tooth if the problem does not entirely disappear.

Call a dentist in Gallup, New Mexico, immediately because failing to treat or identify them could result in tooth loss.

Significant Oral Infection

An abscess is an infection in the mouth. If you have an abscess, discharge appears on your tooth, gums, or lips. Dental abscesses may be quite painful. In addition, the affected side can cause a sharp, prickling sensation that spreads to your jaws.

On your face, you can also feel some discomfort or puffiness. Dental abscesses are among the emergency dental services. However, delaying medical care increases the likelihood of the condition worsening and spreading.

Injury To Soft Tissue

The mouth’s soft tissues include the tongue, lip, gums, inside of the cheekbones, and gums. If any of the above tissues have indeed been harmed, you should seek emergency dental treatments for guidance on what to do next.

Some circumstances could necessitate seeking emergency dental procedures, while others might not. For example, gashes, puncture wounds, and tears in soft tissue should be cleaned with hot water after putting pressure to stop the bleeding.

Swelling Of The Face

Your face swelling could be a sign of an infection or clogged teeth. Do not ignore facial edema; immediately contact urgent care in Farmington, NM. Infections and illnesses that cause swelling can become dangerous and even lethal if addressed.

Before your emergency dental treatment visit, you can reduce the swelling and some of your problems by applying an ice pack to the swollen area.

What Causes Dental Emergencies Most Frequently?

Accidents and tumbling, bike crashes, vehicle accidents, physical injuries, work-related accidents, and sometimes even auto accidents can cause dental emergencies. 

You should always exercise caution and utilize the necessary safety gear, such as a mouthguard, to prevent dental-related injuries.

Glasses should always be handled with extra care, and hard sweets should never be consumed because they are likely to break or break your teeth.


You never know when you might encounter an emergency, so being prepared is essential. With prompt action, you can protect your dental health. Make a dental emergency phone call immediately if you or somebody you know is experiencing pain.

Your Emergencies Now Have A Permanent Destination

Looking for the ideal dental emergency clinic can be a hassle during an emergency, and we understand that better. However, our expert professionals and supporting staff at Sundance Dental & Orthodontics are adequately trained to help you during such trying times. So the next time you feel any of these emergencies, walk into our clinic at 1601 South 2nd Street, Gallup, NM 87301, or call us at 505-722-4422 to help you through such trying times.